What makes me a great SEO Specialist

According to Perry Marshall, world-famous PPC author, you should never trust a consultant that has never spent his/her how money in an entrepreneurial project. This is because risking personal capital and learning from your own mistakes is what can really makes the difference.

This is my biggest selling point – having had an entrepreneurial experience made me aware of what it takes to run a business with an online presence and as a results I always put the client first. On top of that, I’m extremely motivated and passionate about cracking Google’s algorithm and digital marketing in general, making my SEO consultancy efforts more a hobby rather than a 9-5 job.

SEO consultancy that delivers real results

Over the past few years, SEO has become much more a data-driven science rather than just pure optimisation. Google’s job is to provide the most relevant results to the user, and to do that they engineered hundreds of ranking factors, making their search engine algorithm a difficult nut to crack.

My approach is to follow Google’s guidelines by the letter, strictly adhering to white-hat best SEO practice powered by competitive intelligence. This strategy allows me to deliver organic results that last – allowing businesses to flourish online.

I have international SEO consultancy experience

One of my great perks is that I’ve managed SEO optimisation campaigns for brands all over the world. Even though I focus on Google.co.uk, I’ve also otimised Ecommerce and lead-generation websites for global brands with an international presence, covering the US, Australia and the Middle-East.

This has allowed me to expand my knowledge as well, setting up ad-hoc SEO strategies to win in every local market.