About being a Digital Marketing Webinar Speaker

It was a great pleasure for me to contribute as a digital marketing webinar speaker for the “Tea time” SEO series hosted by Authoritas and Jo Turnbull. The event was broadcasted live in April 2020 on YouTube. It was a great opportunity for me to continue to connect with the digital marketing community even in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak.


My experience as an SEO webinar speaker

Being an SEO webinar speaker is an experience like no others. Whilst you’re missing the connection with a live audience, at the same time you’re expanding the reach of the talk to an even wider audience. The ability for the webinar host to switch among SEO experts and provide a real-time feedback, is what makes webinars one of my favourite ways to connect with my audience.


About the Authoritas Teatime webinar series

I’ve to say that the Authoritas Tea Time SEO webinar series has been one of my favourite webinars of all time. As the goal of the stream was to provide key recommendations in an easy-to-follow format, the structure of each episode has to be carefully balanced. For example, the length is limited to just 30 minutes, and the number of experts is capped to 2-3 SEO specialists for each topic. Among my favourite past webinars are the Ecommerce and the On-page SEO episodes, showcasing big names such as Luke Carthy and Kerstin Reichert.

About the SEO-friendly website migrations webinar

Website migrations are possibly one of the trickiest SEO topics, because even if you’ve seen a lot of them there’s always the chance that something unexpected could happen and ruin months of preparation. I particularly liked the way this webinar was structured to provide more focus on the project management and communication side, rather than just technical tips. According to my co-presenter Chris Green: “You should worry more about the CMO rather than the CMS.” – and I couldn’t agree more on this, as communication (and sometimes politics), often plays a big part in SEO migration projects.

More info about Authoritas

Like Apple and other great tech companies, Authoritas started back in 2009 in the garage of its founder, Laurence O’Toole. Fast forwarding to 2020, the company has now expanded to Barcelona and New York City, employing a team of 25 people. The company – one of the biggest SAAS in the UK – provides unique insights for technical, backlinks and content SEO, making it of the most comprehensive tools in the market.