About the Search London event

As a long-time Search London meetup attendee, it was for me a great opportunity to step up and give my first gig as a digital marketing speaker. The event, organised by Jo Turnbull and Tim Sheed, was for me also a trial run for my first BrightonSEO talk just a few days later.


More about the Search London SEO meetup

The Search London event has been running for nearly a decade now, and with its great variety of topics ranging from SEO to CRO to PPC, I have to admit it has been one on my points of reference for acquiring new skills and getting to know some of the most prominent figures in the industry. Among others, I particularly appreciated attending the talks of Lukasz Zelezny, Fili Wiese and Fabrizio Ballarini, all well respected specialists in the digital marketing community.

About my talk

The topic I brought to the SEO event was crafted around Custom SEO alerts. As an SEO Specialist working on large Ecommerce and lead-gen websites, my experience led me to create a system to closely monitor key elements such as traffic, revenue and leads, making sure that the sites I’m optimising for aren’t affected by any major issues.


Why SEO consultants should pay attention to custom alerts

SEO custom alerts are great if you, like me, are working on the agency side and you provide SEO consultancy for more than one website at the same time. As it’s basically impossible to keep an eye on every possible technical or development issue, I created a list of SEO alerts to make sure that the website’s key metrics stay within the normal range. Among my favourites, the robots.txt visual alert using VisualPing, and the Google Analytics custom alerts to receive a quick notification about drop in traffic, goals and revenue. In addition, it’s also worth noticing that both these solutions are 100% free to use, making them even more attractive to implement.

Wrapping up

If you’d like to know more about SEO custom alerts, I recommend having a read at my Smart Insights piece 3 SEO custom alerts you should use right now. In addition, if you’d like to expand to general digital marketing alerts (mentions, links, etc.), this piece from Aleyda Solis is a good way to start 7 Alerts To Monitor Your SEO Process Opportunities and Issues.


How to get involved into Search London

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Search London event, I recommend following the official Search London Twitter account and the Jo Turnbull account, which are always up-to-date with the latest news and events announcements. In addition, if you’d like to participate as a sponsor or public speaker, you can also visit the Search London website, where you can get in touch with the organisers.